Saturday, July 09, 2005

Gina G - Tease

Gina Mary Gardener will forever be known as the girl who sang "Ooh Ahh...Just A Little Bit" for the UK at Eurovision 1996, it became one of the most successful Eurovision songs ever.

Gina was born on the 3rd August 1970 in Queensland, Australia, and whilst working as a DJ in her homeland, she had a hit in Oz with "Love The Life" by fronting dance act Bass Culture. The track was often played in the coffee shop in Neighbours, but it wasn't until she moved to the UK where her career really took off.

After recording some demos in London, she found herself chosen as one of the final 8 for the Great British Song Contest in 1996, by Jonathan King, who was trying to bring Eurovision up to date in the UK. The final had a wide variety of songs, but but was Gina with her Europop stomper with an instantly recognisable intro that won through to represent the UK in Oslo that May.

Despite being the pre-contest favourite, Gina could only come 8th in the end, and was hampered by the orchestra and jury voting. Some say that if televoting was used that year, she may well have gone on to win it. Nevertheless, "Ooh Ahh!" reached #1 the following week and it paved the way for 5 other chart hits - "I Belong To You" (#6), "Fresh" (#6), "Ti Amo" (#11), "Gimme Some Love" (#25) and "Everytime I Fall" (#52), plus the album "Fresh!" (#12) with its infamous cover of Gina dressed in nothing but chocolate body paint, with thr album launch party held in G-A-Y (surpisingly!) She also won the Boyz award as Best PA for 2 years running. She also had a sizeable hit in the US, reaching reached #12, making it one of the biggest Eurovision songs ever over there, and her album was released too.

After this Gina disappeared from the music scene for a number of years, largely due to contract problems, meaning she was unable to release anything for a long period of time.

After a few years away, Gina participated in the TV reality show "Reborn In The USA" in 2003, and sang guest vocals on 2 tracks on dance act Soda Club's album, but the first signs of new material from her surfaced in late 2003 when a track "Heaven" credited to Elemental feat Gina G was promoed around. After marrying her boyfriend Charlie, and having a son Dylan in early 2004, Gina then tried to recapture her Eurovision glory when she participated in "Making Your Mind Up" in March 2005 with "Flashback", but she could not repeat her success.

Gina's sophomore album was finally released via her website in June 2005. "Get Up & Dance" features tracks she has recorded over the years since her last album, and has a variety of styles from her signature dance sound to ballads and poppy numbers.

"Tease" is taken from "Get Up & Dance" and was co-written by Gina, like the majority of tracks on her new album. It is a departure from her trademark dance sound, and combines a bit of pop with R&B. It's one of those songs to get down and dirty to! Gina is still a bit of a gay icon, and that status will probably stay with her for a long time!


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Hello, i'm from Brazil... i loved your blog... loved the songs... it's great!!

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