Sunday, December 18, 2005

Melodi Brown - Skin

Melodi Brown go down in history as a group who never actually released anything. The 4 piece all girl group promoed their debut single "Naked" back in 2003, with the video receiving play on The Box, but ultimately the single was sadly never released. The only music released by the girls was on a CD sampler of their debut album, including "Naked", "Never Knew My Baby", "Spin The Record", and the chosen track "Skin" - which is my favourite track from them, sounding a little like Blu Cantrell's "Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!)" from 2001.

Three other Melodi Brown songs have ended up being recorded by other people - "DJ" by Samantha Mumba which was never released either, covered later by Jamelia. "Spin That Bottle" was a B-Side on Rachel Stevens' "Some Girls", and "Do Somethin'" was a single for none other than Britney Spears herself!

I wonder if any other Melodi Brown songs will turn up somewhere?...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can u please please please post Never knew my baby too? (Or mail me it, I can send you some mp3 goodies in return!) I have the other 2 tracks, only this is now missing - I loved MB since I saw them at the 2003 Mardi Gras. Great band, shame really...


16 January, 2006 13:31  

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