Sunday, November 20, 2005

Moonbaby - Kitsch Bitch Cool

Moonbaby is probably better known to you as Miranda Cooper - one of Brian Higgin's talented team at Xenomania working with amongst others, Girls Aloud.

What you may not know is that Miranda herself once had a crack at pop fame. Way back in 1996, she was a backing dancer for Gina G at Eurovision in 1996 with "Ooh...Ahh! Just A Little Bit!" which has gone on to become a Eurovision classic. Miranda even starred in the video.

The following year, Miranda and her friend Chloë, who was Gina's other dancer, landed themselves a record deal with Gina's label, Eternal Records. The girls, called "T-Shirt", released one single, a cover of Hot Chocolate's "You Sexy Thing" complete with girly raps, but the single didn't do any business at all in the UK, but became a hit in the unlikely place of Australia!

After this, Miranda surfaced again as Moonbaby, with a new track called "Here We Go", produced by Brian Higgins. Despite TV appearances, and a PA at Gay Pride in 2000, the track was ultimately never released, until it surfaced on Lene (from Aqua) Nystrom's album "Play With Me" in 2003, and then again on Girls Aloud's "What Will The Neighbours Say?" in 2004, with all versions produced by Xenomania, and Girls Aloud's version of the track being practicallyt the same, except for being in a different key.

"Kitsch Bitch Cool" appeared on the promo for the "Here We GO Single". Other tracks recorded were "Deadlines & Diets & Devious Men" which was also later covered bt Girls Aloud. "Kitsch Bitch Cool" is typical Xenomania in style, and there are shades of the track in a few of the tracks on Girls Aloud's new album "Chemistry".


Blogger danlucky said...

Thanks for the track. Loves it.

It sounds like Girls Aloud's 'Swinging London Town' - it is uncanny.

22 January, 2006 22:06  
Blogger Niii said...

cool blog!
I want to ask you if you have any songs of Moonbaby apart of Kisch Bitch cool.

31 January, 2006 21:00  
Blogger bulldoggy said...

Learning too late that there's good rare music in these blogs, is there any chance you'd email the Moonbaby track(s)? Let me know how you're contactable...

10 March, 2006 22:54  

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