Sunday, October 02, 2005

Marta Sanchez - Perfect Stranger

"Azabache" was Marta's third album and on this, she collabarated with Slash from Guns 'n' Roses on the track "Moja Mi Corazon" (in English as "One Step Closer). On this album, Marta's styles ranged from sweeping ballads on "Amor Perdido" to almost rock on "Moja Mi Corazon" to pop on "Ya Ves" The English version of the album was called "One Step Closer" and only around half of the album was translated into English. The other half of the album was sadly padded out with tracks from "My World". This was the first sign that Marta was moving away from recording in English.

Marta's next album came a year later with "Desconocida", which was probably her most polished album to date. Only the title track was recorded in English as "Perfect Stranger", (the track I've chosen to share with you) but she also had a hit with "Quiero Más De Ti". After this album, Marta decided to take a break and it would be 4 years before she released new material...

"Perfect Stranger" was released in the US, and a video was made of the track at the same time as the Spanish version - this is a regular occurrence when an artist releases music in different languages for different territories...

The third and final part of Marta's career will be in the next post...


Blogger Anjou Wu said...

Oh, lovely! Thanks for the Spanish pop history/update. I live in the States, and our Spanish language CD market is HUGE. Oddly, Spanish pop artists (Miguel Bose, Ana Torroja, Marta, Monica) inevitably fail here rather miserably. It's all about Mexican and South American music in this market, which is a shame. I suppose the exception is Alejandro Sanz, but I don't get the appeal of him at all - in any language (besides his obvious physical appeal). Anyway, cheers! For a truly camp classic Marta Sanchez moment, I choose to watch the "So Yo" video. She so wanted that to be her "Believe" moment - you can sense it!

15 October, 2005 23:36  

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