Saturday, August 06, 2005

Crush - Penthouse Girl, Basement Boy

Donna Air is perhaps known more for her TV presenting and drunken antics back in the day, but not many people know that she once had a stab at pop stardom. Back in 1994, Donna released a single with 2 of her fellow Byker Grove actresses. Called Byker Grooove!, their single "Love Your Sexy...!" reached #48 in December 1994. Donna and Jayni then went on their own and formed a duo called Crush, and released 2 singles in the UK, "Jellyhead" (with it's fabulous Motiv8 Remix!) in Feb 1996, and "Luv'd Up" in August of the same year.

Jayni was then replaced by Luciana Caporaso, who herself had released some material in 1994 (and has since gone on to front Portobella), ahd the band released their debut album "Crush" in 1997 - which was made up of songs that Donna and Jayni had recorded (an album was released in Japan), and some new songs that Donna and Luciana had recorded. Sadly, the album did not fare too well and it was not released in the UK, and Donna moved on to TV presenting.

"Penthouse Girl, Basement Boy" was one of the tracks that Donna recorded with Jayni. Co-written by Sarah Cracknell of St Etienne, it's one of the strongest tracks on the album, and reminds me a bit of Bananarama with both girls singing in unison...


Blogger mordi said...

I've often thought about posting Jellyhead on blowupdoll- but I just never got around to it!

Never heard this before- you're right: it's very bananarama.

and also very good!

13 August, 2005 10:17  
Anonymous Catrina said...

The Sarah Cracknell version is much much better.

29 August, 2005 11:08  

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