Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Nina & Kim - Universe Of Love

Nina Inhammar and Kim Kärnfalk first came together back in 1999 when they became members of the band Friends along with 3 guys in a Swedish reality-TV show a bit like Popstars. The band were so popular that they went on to represent Sweden in Eurovision in 2001 with "Listen To Your Heartbeat", coming 6th. The band continued to be fairly popular for a few years until they split in 2002.

However by this time Nina & Kim were very close friends and rather than try to have a solo career, they decided to stay together and become a duo. Known simply as Nina & Kim, the girls released their first single "Om Du Stannat Hos Mig" in October 2003, which shot straight to #1! They then competed in Melodifestivalen with "En Gång För Alla" in February 2004, but alas, didn't make it through the heats, but their second single "Bortom Tid Och Rum", which included their Melodifestivalen track, got to #2 in March 2004, and their album "En Annan Tid" performed well, reaching #12 soon afterwards.

The girls final release from the album was a AA-side of "Hallå Hela Pressen" a famous old Melodifestivalen track from 1982, and their first English track "Universe of Love", which did well to reach #14 in a land where later singles never do too well on the charts. The brave move of going solo seems to have paid off for the girls as they are now more successful than they were whilst in Friends!

Since their last single the girls have been rather quiet, but we should hopefully hear something more from them soon...

"Universe Of Love" is in fact an English version of their second (and best) hit "Bortom Tid Och Rum" (which translates as "Beyond Time And Space". The track was the official anthem for Stockholm Pride 2004 (previous official songs include Alcazar and Shirley Clamp) and the video (view it here) for the track is rather funny and features the girls looking gorgeous, and a rather interesting wedding taking place!


Blogger Jessica said...

I always wished for this song to be in English so I could sing along and now I have it and it's fantastic! Thank you!

01 August, 2005 23:11  

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