Friday, July 22, 2005

Kakko - We Should Be Dancing

Kakko (real name Anju Suzuki) was born in Japan in 1969 and is one of Stock/Aitken/Waterman's most infamous acts. She started off as a tea-girl for the PWL studios, like Rick Astley, and eventually she got a record contract. S/A/W wanted a Japanese act to have success in Japan, but it didn't quite go the way they planned...

She released 2 singles in 1990, "We Should Be Dancing" which was written and produced by S/A/W, and "What Kind Of Fool" which was from the PWL stable of Harding/Cunrow/Clift.

"We Should Be Dancing" hit the dizzy heights of #101 in February 1990. S/A/W called it one of the biggest mistakes they ever made, and some S/A/W fans have called it the worst S/A/W song ever. (A Bit harsh in my opinion!) Even so, it's one of the rarest S/A/W CD singles, and has been known to go for three figures on Ebay. Rumour has it that Kakko couldn't pronounce the letter "R" properly, and Mike Stock had a hell of a time trying to figure out lyrics that didn't feature the "R" sound prominently!

Somehow, she managed to get a second single "What Kind Of Fool" (no, not the Kylie song) which was written and produced by Harding/Cunrow/Clift, who at the time worked at the PWL studios. The song didn't chart. And that was it for dear Kakko...

Apparently, locked away in the vaults of PWL HQ is about half an album's worth of unreleased Kakko songs that will never see the light of day. Whether you think that's a good or a bad thing is your opinion!

These days, Kakko goes by her real name and she has done a lot better over in her native Japan, and is a popular TV actress, and has appeared in lots of dramas. She even appeared on the Japanese version of "This Is Your Life", on which Pete Waterman even appeared!

"We Should Be Dancing" was released in February 1990, and I can still remember her performing it on TV-AM all those years ago. I still can't work out what the hell she is singing though...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You may be interested to see this vinyl copy is going for only 2.69 (with five days left):

01 February, 2005 15:54  
Blogger mordi said...

hmm..perhaps i should sell my kakko records too!

23 July, 2005 17:11  
Blogger SilvaNemesis said...

Well the above statement about the CD single of We Should Be Dancing is pretty accurate, I picked this up off eBay a few weeks back for a whopping £130! I've never seen one before, it seems to be pretty readily available on Vinyl though, however if anyone has What Kind Of Fool on CD single, then I'm interested of course!

28 July, 2005 01:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello there !
Can you refresh the link with the mp3 ?
I didn't get the chance back in you can help me =:)
Regards, Pewee

21 November, 2005 14:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, !
Can anyone help me with a mp3 file of this track, because I have never heard it !
Get back to me, anyone...

Thanks !

22 November, 2005 13:28  
Blogger MoogaBoo said...

I like the cowbell-ish sound effects thoughout the verses. Not one of SAW's best productions, for sure, but kind of a diamond anyway!

11 February, 2006 00:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just because of the fact that SAW had call this single as one of their biggest mistakes ever - make this song more than interresting,and when i first heard it in 2006 ( 16 years after release )it was like a miracle..i just love this song - and i would say rather: this is not the worst thing they ever did,but most stupid-sounded - and somehow it works - the sound is just uplifting and one make such a things anymore...and that´s bad!..or sad!
And one more thing about Kakko & SAW : that song was released 1990,SAW were at that time not the most beloved producers in the UK,no wonder that something sweet cute & childish like Kakko went down. "My Secret Heart" of Kylie deserves in my opinion such a comment: worst thing they ever made, certainly not " We Should Be Dancing"

27 October, 2006 19:25  

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