Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Milan - Lead Me On

Way back in 1993, there were very few girl groups around. The Spice Girls were a few years off, and Eternal were just beginning. Milan were a 3 strong group consisting of Dionne, Martine and Claudia. Signed to Polydor in 1992, their debut single was a cover of the Rose Royce classic "Is It Love Your After?", which was followed in 1993 by "Affectionately Mine" and "Everytime". None of these singles set the charts alight, but Polydor stuck by the band and released another single in 1994 - "Lead Me On". When this fell short of the top 40 - the girls decided to call it a day, and went their seperate ways.

I'm not sure what happened to Dionne and Claudia, but we all know what happened to Martine. She went on to play Tiffany in Eastenders in 1995 and had a fairly successful stab at a solo pop career, with the #1 "Perfect Moment" in 1999 and had 4 other top 10 singles including "I've Got You" and "I'm Over You", and released 3 albums. She also went on to play opposite Hugh Grant in the smash hit film "Love Actually".

"Lead Me On" reached #82 in June 1994 and features Martine on lead vocals. The track was co-written by John Reid (of the Nightcrawlers fame), Ian Levine, and Nigel Stock, both whom have written for loads of other artists over the years. The track only got to #82 in Milan might not have set the charts alight, but at least it was the springboard for Martine's success...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Top Moving On Up rip-off!
Can you please feature Affectionately Mine in the future? I have it on a crap 12" vinyl and can't play it now. All 4 mixes were ace.

Great choices so far btw!


14 July, 2005 14:35  
Anonymous jester said...

Oh, fantastic, now if it was only higher quality... not that I'm complaining, it's not as if I'd hear any Milan otherwise.

I do wish all their singles had netted them a badly selling album. It's sad they didn't get one!

14 July, 2005 22:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to hear Everytime by Milan, too. I remember East17 talking about it being catchy, as they opened for them on their tour at the time. Smash Hits called them Cathy Dennis cloned by 3 in the Everytime review. I loved Cathy so took it as a compliment he he...


15 July, 2005 11:29  
Blogger Danniiboy said...

I don't have Affectionately Mine or Everytime sadly, though I do have Is It Love Your After.

And Jester - all the mp3s I am posting are 128 bit which is pretty much CD quality. Any higher (like 192) and the files would take longer to download and also take up more space on my limited webspace. Anyway I can hardly tell the difference between the 2 anyway!

18 July, 2005 14:09  
Blogger mordi said...

i bought this on CASSETTESINGLE!

It's stood the test of time quite well i think!

18 July, 2005 16:13  

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