Saturday, July 23, 2005

Tata Young - Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy

Tata Young (real name Amita Marie Young) was born on the 14th December 1980 in Thailand and is one of Thailand's biggest pop sensations over the past few years. With a Thai mother and American father, she has been recording music in the Thai language since 1994, and has now released 10 albums! She has also won numerous music awards over the years, including the Thai Music Organisation's best singer in 1999, and was named as one of Thailands 10 most influential people by Elle Magazine.

Tata released her first English language album "I Believe" in 2004, which she recorded mostly in Sweden with a number of well known producers and writers such as Martin Ankelius and Aleena. Some of the tracks had previously been recorded by other artists, such as "I Believe" which was originally sung by Carola, (which I posted last week on the blog), "Cinderella" which has been recorded by a few other artists including i5 and Play, and "Everybody Doesn't", originally by US singer Amanda.

The album was a massive success all over the far east, and spawned 3 hit singles - "Cinderella", "I Believe", and "Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy", which was the first single off the album. She also sang the English version of "Dhoom Dhoom" the title track to the Bollywood film Dhoom in 2004, which saw Bollywood crossed with Hollywood in a film about motorcycle robbery!

"Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy" is a fun pop song with great lyrics, and is a track I could have seen Britney sing back in the day. Ironically Tata herself seems a very sweet girl, and the lyrics are probably suited to a few other female singers I daren't mention! The track was co-written by Savan Kotecha, who used to be a regular on the Popjustice messageboard, and has co-written various other tracks for the likes of Holly Valance Geri Halliwell and Dannii Minogue! Tata hasn't yet started her assault on Europe yet, but as there are a lack of Asian artists over here, she'd be a refreshing change!


Blogger mordi said...

me like!

23 July, 2005 17:14  
Blogger Chris said...

Wow! I love this. 'Sexy, Naughty Bitchy' would be a big hit here in Sweden. I wanna hear more from Tata - she seems very ace.

I love Aleena too, by the way. She's such a talented songwriter. She wrote songs for S Club 7, too.

27 July, 2005 12:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

love tata She's Great

27 August, 2005 05:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

love tata She's Great

27 August, 2005 05:27  

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