Friday, July 29, 2005

Mariah Carey - Weakness Of The Body

A bit of a rare one for you today. I'm not going to bore you with a bio on Mariah as everyone knows who she is, and to celebrate the fact that she is currently enjoying some of her biggest success of her career, both in the UK and abroad, I'm presenting a track from the very beginning of her career.

Way before Mariah even had a deal, she sang on the demo for this track back in 1986. Originally supposed to be recorded by 80s popstar Brenda K. Starr, for whom Mariah had sang backing vocals for (and also covered one of her tracks "I Still Believe"), the song was eventually recorded by Judy Torres. The track is very typical US dance/pop of the 80s, often called Freestyle, and it's very similar to the style of bands like Exposé, who were one of the biggest bands of that genre.

It's interesting to hear how Mariah's voice evolved over the years, there are parts where you can really tell that it's her singing (especially some of the ad-libs, and the talking in the middle 8), but there are other parts where she soulds totally different. It's also funny to hear Mariah singing something other than the R'n'B she does these days, and it harks back to the more "pop" feel of her first few albums...


Blogger Jessica said...

I love old-skool Mariah! This song is not as good as Vision Of Love or Always Be My Baby, though.

01 August, 2005 23:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! You can really hear her! Do you know of more like this situations? Thanks your blog is the best EVER...

03 August, 2005 10:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This blog is really great. Thanks for sharing all of these!

06 August, 2005 03:35  
Blogger bomitoni said...

this is the best thing she's done since PRISONER! so much better than her current "music". i wish more of these demos would appear. i'd love a whole freestyle mariah album!!!!

31 January, 2006 16:45  

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