Sunday, July 31, 2005

Amanda - Can't Stop My Love

Amanda was one of the many female solo singers launched in the US in the early part of the decade, during the teen-pop boom, to try to steal some of the limelight from Britney, Christina and the others. She was born in France but grew up in Taby, Sweden, where she caught the eye of some record producers whilst in a talent show. She was then signed to Madonna's Maverick label in 2000, the first female pop singer on their roster (well apart from Madonna herself!)

She featured on the "Rugrats In Paris" soundtrack, with "You Don't Stand A Chance", and her next single "Everybody Doesn't" was released in April 2001, followed by the album of the same name in June. "Everybody Doesn't" incidentally was covered by Thai popstrel Tata Young on her "I Believe" album..

Sadly, the album was not a commercial success, and like many of the other US popstars, she never made it to a second album, although her album was released in Japan! (They get everything over there!)

"Can't Stop My Love" was geared up to be the second single release from the album, but got cancelled. The track is written and produced by BAG and Arnthor of the Murlyn stable who have also worked with Samantha Mumba and Precious in the past. It's a rather good slice of teen-pop, and could easily have been recorded by Jessica Simpson and the like. Since then, all has been quiet on the Amanda front, but strangely, her official website is still up and running on Maverick Records website...


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