Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Lisa Lougheed - Run With Us

Most of you will not be familiar with the name of the singer, but you will most definitely be familiar with the song.

Lisa Lougheed was born in Canada in 1969 and enjoyed a mildly successful career in her homeland, releasing three albums in total: "Evergreen Nights" in 1988, "World Love" in 1992 (featuring the hits "Running Out Of Love", "Love Vibe", "World Love" and "Love You By Heart") and "Peace And Harmony" in 1993 (featuring the hit "Won't Give Up My Music") on which she worked with legendary producer Jellybean Benetiz.

"Run With Us" was a minor hit in Canada in 1988, and it gained her a 1988 Juno nomination as Most Promising Female Vocalist. It is a classic 80s pop track, with synths and a guitar solo, and an infectious chorus. It became known in the Uk as the theme tune to Canadian cartoon show "The Raccoons", which during the late 80s was a massive hit on Saturday morning kids TV. The song was so popular that people wrote in to ask the announcers not to talk over the end credits, so they could hear the song in full! Lisa also sang most of the other songs featured on the cartoon series

"Run With Us" has since been covered into a dance version by Spray, but the original version still conjures up images of my childhood. It's crying out for one of today's popstars to cover it and release the track...


Blogger Anjou Wu said...

Darling, your blog continues to delight and surprise. This is one of the more obscure songs you've featured, but one of my favorites. Bravo!

10 August, 2005 20:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember when Lisa sang at the Diamond Club on Sherbourne doing cover songs........... sigh late nights coffee and snuggling with Lisa........

01 October, 2005 21:52  
Blogger Elle said...

I'm in total agreement.. this song rocks.. sooo much! The Spray remix is pretty nifty and someone should most def. re-release it..

23 October, 2005 17:14  
Blogger rob said...

I used to watch the Raccoon's when I was kid, loved the song back then, and only listened to for the 1st time in 10years or more last week... but it is brilliant!! agree wiv you all there.

21 November, 2005 13:29  
Anonymous nate said...

Lisa Lougheed is hot. She grew up in the same city that I did. I wish I knew her back then so that I could have relations with her.

16 May, 2006 21:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is absolutely my favorite song. I downloaded all of the raccoons songs from I've put 'em all on my MP3 player. I would really like to hear more of Lisa Lougheed

12 June, 2006 15:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the greatest song ever written. I'm going to MAKE everyone in the office listen to my Racoons playlist tomorrow.

28 July, 2006 02:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember when I had met Lisa back in the day. She was so sweet and kind as I got to go backstage after one of her final performances in T.O. Later, I heard that she moved to the U.S. I think Chicago.

Lisa is one of those great Canadian talent. Who really didn't get the proper recognition that she and alot of other Canadian musicians should be receiving from record companies, radio programmers and the mass public. I just hope that she is happy and still singing. Wherever she might be now in life.

23 September, 2006 05:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if Lisa is the wife of John Rutledge also originally from Toronto? It would make sence to me as she seems to have disappeared around the same time I believe they were married.

12 December, 2006 00:44  
Blogger Dawn said...

Awesome song! Lisa is my cousin and a super nice person even though I usually see her at weddings and such. Racoons was on of the all time best cartoons and was a family fav. I really miss watching it.

08 April, 2007 18:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im 27 and loved watching the racoons on a sat morning on 'Going Live'. Love this song. Got to be the best cartoon themes.

21 April, 2007 22:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lisa Lougheed had an amzing voice, I found out about her while looking for songs featured on the Racoons cartoon series.

Another great song she sang was "Kevin Gillis - Ain't No Planes"

Also "Here I go Again", really good pop songs. I'm into hip hop/rnb...

Mr P, 23, London, UK

29 August, 2007 21:05  

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