Sunday, September 25, 2005

Marta Sanchez - Such A Mystery

Marta Sanchez comes from Madrid and Spain and began her career as a member of the band Olé Olé who started out in 1985. Their hits included "Lilli Marlen" and "Bailando Sin Salir De Casa" and they enjoyed a successful career until 1991 when Marta decided to try her luck at a solo career.

Her debut solo album "Mujer" was released in 1993, and the biggest hit from it was the first single "Desesperada". An English version of the album was also released in some territories. "Woman" contained translated versions of the tracks on the Spanish version, in fact some of the tracks were originally written in English and translated to Spanish! "Desperate Lovers" was the name of the English version of her debut single.

Marta's second album was released in 1995. "Mi Mundo" was a bit more mature than her debut and one of the tracks dealt with AIDS on a track which Marta wrote herself, quite daring for a very Catholic country like Spain. "Dime La Verdad" was the first and most successful single, which was "Such A Mystery" in it's original English version. Other hits included "Arena Y Sol" ("I Want Your Love") and "La Balleza", a typical Spanish track which remained in Spanish on the English album.

The song I've chosen is "Such A Mystery", the English version of "Dime La Verdad". See if you can work out what the lyrics mean. I'll be back later this week on Friday with the second instalment of Marta's career.


Anonymous ViscidDirtyIndigenous said...

I have been a huge fan of Marta Sanchez for years. I love her voice; she is extremely talented. By the way, Marta didn't write Tu Tambien (the Aids song). It was written by Christian de Walden, Max Di Carlo, Carlos Torto Montoro, and Lori Barth. I'm really hoping she comes to Canada some day so I can see her in concert.

17 January, 2006 05:19  

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