Friday, August 12, 2005

Sam Obernik - Mr Butterfly

Despite the foreign sounding surname, Sam Obernik is Irish, and she is perhaps best known for providing the vocals for the dance hit "It Just Won't Do" by Tim Deluxe, which got to #14 in July 2002 but Sam also recorded her own solo album, which sadly was never released.

"Stellify" was due to come out in 2003, but after her debut solo single "Mr Butterfly" could only reach #83 in May 2003, the project was canned, and all that remains of the album are promo copies which are floating around, one of which I was lucky to get my hands on in a second-hand store last month. The album itself is an eclectic mix of pop sprinkled with various other genres, including country, and features the aforementioned single "Mr Butterfly", as well as a new version of "It Just Won't Do" which has been turned into a lounge-style song! If you like your female singers who are just that little bit different, have a search for her album, and I think you will be pleasantly surprised, she reminds me a little of Nelly Furtado in a way.

Since the aborted solo-project, Sam provided vocals for another dancefloor smash, featuring on Linus Loves' "Stand Back" which got to #31 in November 2003. It's gone a bit quiet for Sam since then, but you never know where she might pop up next...


Blogger Jessica said...

She has been supporting Alexis Strum at her recent gigs, so she is still going!

29 August, 2005 21:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sam's been been working on her new project that she has put together with her own resources, a concept album called BAREFOOT. made up of big old club tunes from white lines to born slippy, all rewritten, and arrranged, done with live band, brass n strings... other than that she's writing a new album with tim deluxe... no details though!

01 November, 2005 23:37  

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