Sunday, December 25, 2005

Sarah Whatmore - Don't Let Me Go

Sarah Whatmore was born in 1980 and hails from Manchester. She first appeared on our screens in 2001, when she took part in the talent show Pop Idol. She made it to the top 40, but fell short of making the final. Nevertheless, she was one of Simon Cowell's favourites, and she was given a recording contract by BMG, releasing her first single "When I Lost You" (originally meant for Kylie's "Fever" project) in September 2002, making #6. Her follow up "Automatic" stalled at #11 in February 2003, and the planned debut album "Living Proof" was postponed so that Sarah could work on some more material. "Don't Let Me Go" was planned as the third single from the album, and like her previous singles, sounds similar to Kylie...

Since then things have been very quiet for Sarah, with only a writing credit on Zoe Birkett's "Treat Me Like A Lady", and an apperaance on the Greasemania soundtrack singing "Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee" since the release of "Automatic" almost 3 years ago. Sarah's website is still live, and she is still signed to her record label, with rumours of a release sometime in 2006. Whether that happens remains to be seen, but hopefully we've not seen the last of Sarah....


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