Sunday, March 19, 2006

No Angels - Forever Yours

No Angels were a product of the world famous Popstars show, which originated in New Zealand and has provided the world with such acts as Bardot, Hear'say, Bellepop and of course Girls Aloud. No Angels were the band from the first series in Germany, and the lucky 5 who made the band were Jessica Wahls (Jess), Ludmilla Diakovska (Lucy) (born in Bulgaria) , Nadja Benaissa, Sandy Mölling and Vanessa Petruo (Vany).

The band had instant success with their debut single "Daylight In Your Eyes" which reached #1 in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. This was then followed by many other hits including "Rivers Of Joy", "Something About Us", "Still In Love With You", "Someday" and "Feelgood Lies" over a three year period. Three albums were also released in various versions - "Ellements", "Now...Us!" and "Pure" - the latter of which was released after the departure of Jessica from the band who became pregnant and decided to look after her baby. Jessica wasn't replaced, and the 4 others carried on to produce their strongest album yet.

The girls decided to call it a day in 2003, and went their seperate ways on a high with the release of their Greatest Hits, containing all of their 13 hit singles in their short but impressive career.

Most of the girls' material was very strong, and it's a shame they could not make it over in the UK - "Daylight In Your Eyes" sadly failed to set the charts on fire.

Since then, all 5 girls have released solo material in Germany, and most have met with success. So now fans of No Angels have 5 acts to follow instead of 1!

"Forever Yours" is taken from the girls third and final album "Pure". It's my favourite track on thw album, and it was recently covered by Swedish Pop Idol winner Agnes Carlsson on her debut album. If you haven't listened to any of the girls' material, then give it a go, as I think you will be pleasantly surprised...


Blogger Alexander said...

"Feelgood Lies" was "covered" by a Fame Factory-contestant, and she did it much better too. :)

15 February, 2006 18:17  
Blogger billyknowspop said...

I looover "Feelgood Lies." Love this song too but I like Agnes' version better.

16 February, 2006 02:11  
Blogger Christoffer said...

Are you kidding, Alex? The only different about Pauline's version is the voice - the background is exactly the same.

All hail No Angels! My favourite Popstars-band ever (except from Girls Aloud).

16 February, 2006 21:29  
Blogger Alexander said...

Um, stop listening with your feet. It is NOT the same background. PLUS Pauline has a nicer voice than those German angels. lol

19 February, 2006 19:13  

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