Sunday, March 05, 2006

Alex Cartañá - Out Of My Shell

Brighton born Alex Cartañá was brought up on the Spanish island of Majorca and appeared on the British music scene in 2004 when she appeared on the Lee Cabrera dance hit "Shake It (Move A Little Closer) which reached #16 in September 2003. She then released her debut single "Hey Papi" - a track about her father, the following year. The song was a minor hit, reaching #34 in May 2004, but many thought that Alex was capable of more. A few months later, a second single was promoed - "Lost Ur Mind?" was more poppy than the previous release, but all was not well in the Alex camp as the single was pulled from release despite the video being aired on the usual music TV channels.

A different song was due to be released, but to this date, nothing else has been released from Alex, and it looks as if "Hey Papi" will be the only single she will get to release...

"Out Of My Shell" is a track which appeared on a 5 track promo of her album, and is a soulful ballad - I could easily see someone like Beverley Knight singing this, and shows off Alex's songwriting skills. Maybe the track will turn up on someone else's album like many forgotten classics do...


Blogger plopstar said...


Love this track along with the others she recorded: Hey Papi, Lost Ur Mind and Falling. Only track I haven't heard from the sampler is Thank You. What's it like?


19 February, 2006 23:21  
Anonymous Neil said...

Thank you for this track!

I saw her support Jamelia and every track sounded good. Most of them even sounded better than the two singles.

Can you post anymore?

21 February, 2006 23:57  

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