Thursday, January 26, 2006

Lois - I Just Wanna Make Love 2U

This next track is a bit of a rare one. I don't know much about the band at all apart from the fact that they were 4 girls: Georgia Lewis (lead vocals) and Jan Mayo, Michelle DuVerney and JJ Kundi. "I Just Wanna Make Love 2U" was one of the 8 finalists in The Great British Song Contest in 1996, which as we all know was won by Gina G. Sadly, Lois' song failed to qualify from the semi-final, which was a shame as it's a very good dance number reminiscent of Livin' Joy and Alex Party who were very big on the dance music scene around that time. Maybe the fact that the lead singer had a scary haircut put off the televoters.

The track was co-written by Mike Connaris who went on to write Cyprus' Eurovision entry in 2004, Lisa Andreas' "Stronger Every Minute", and he has also competed a few other times in the British National Final. JJ from Lois was a dancer for Louise on her tour way back in 1997, but apart from that I don't know what else happened to the girls.

Sadly I don't have a pic of Lois, so one of the cover of the CD single will have to do!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I only find your page today and visit for first time.
This song link expired .
Noooooooo !
** cries an ocean of tears **

: (

21 September, 2007 18:52  

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