Sunday, March 26, 2006

Emilia - Playing It By Heart

Emilia Rydberg was born in Sweden on January 25 1978 and was discovered in 1996 by Lars Anderson, son of ABBA manager Stig Anderson. In 1998 she had a massive hit all ovger Europe and the Far East with her debiut single, the cute ballad "Big Big World", including the UK, where it peaked at #5 in December 1998, and reached the top spot in Sweden. Her follow up single "Good Sign" failed to capatilise on that success and failed to kake the top 40 in early 1999. Still, her debut album "Big Big World" was released, and a few other singles ("Twist Of Fate" and "Like Chocolate") were released across Europe, including her native Sweden and Spain.

In 2000, Emilia returned with her sophomore album "Emilia" and she was also back with a new sound. Gone was her cute style of pop, and in was the typical pop sound of the day - and her hits included "Sorry I'm In Love" and "Kiss By Kiss".

After the release of this album, things went quiet for Emilia until she appeared on a German reality TV show, similar to "Baby Hit Me One More Time" - she didn't win but lasted a few weeks.

"Playin' It By Heart" is taken from Emilia's second album, and I first heard this on a compilation tape in my work! Weird eh? It's a really nice summery style pop track that makes me feel good when I hear it! Hope you feel the same!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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24 October, 2006 14:48  
Anonymous posha said...

hello there,
i just wanna thank you alot for this lil piece of information. i've been searchin for emilia's official website but wasn't really lucky with that. Your blog however helped me alot.
i like pop too and i like her voice..
too bad things didnt go well for her after her first album.

12 May, 2007 21:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hurrah this link works ! Fabulous song,thankyou.
I only bought her debut album a few weeks ago (from a bargain bin admittedly,but then I only knew Big Big World).I didn't realise there's a second album too !
I'd love for her to have another worldwide hit,she has a distinctive voice.
Cheers for the track.X

21 September, 2007 20:11  

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